Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally! "Cali Logan as Victory Girl" is on sale

It's up now for the world to see, our first feature, "Cali Logan as Victory Girl", is now on sale! What a long journey it has been to finally arrive at this point. My other two partners in crime and I have been talking about possibly doing this site since 2009. After a few failed start dates, we found that Cali Logan would be in our area in July, and then was finally able to film something. We had planned for this site to be up a whole lot sooner, I had even put up that "First Look: Cali Logan as Victory Girl" on a message board anticipating our release; but unfortunately, our intervening "real" lives kept getting in the way. So here we are now, a lot of people have been discovering our site from that message board posting during the "testing" of our site, and have already started purchasing Victory Girl. Looking forward to hearing what you think