Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Target: Victory Woman" from Heroine Power

"Target: Victory Woman" is now on sale from Heroine Power.com. Our latest super heroine webisode stars newcomer Gianna Marie (who can be found at @giannamariecam) as Victory Woman squaring off against arch-criminal, the Cat-tat-tra (played by the lovely Ariel Davenport). You can find the trailer and more pictures on our website, here's the story synopsis:

The United Underworld, a secret organization of super criminals, have grown tired of Victory Woman constantly interferring with their evil plans. Convinced they've discovered the secrets to Victory Woman's super powers, they've prepared a trap, and set out arch-criminal, The Cat-tat-tra, to get rid of Victory Woman once & for all! When Victory Woman encounters her familiar foe, she believes that she will once again easily defeat the villainess. However, The Cat-tat-tra is deadlier than ever with her latest weapon, and uses it to paralyze Victory Woman. Frozen like a statue, Cat-tat-tra humiliates the super heroine, but is stunned when Victory Woman somehow manages to break free from her trap. The Cat-tat-tra realizes that she hasn't fully defeated Victory Woman and decides to fully test the limits of the super heroines strength. Victory Woman finds herself chained and subject to the Cat-tat-tra's wicked imagination. What perils lie ahead for the super heroine? Find Out!

The trailer doesn't really show how much we tried to capture the vibe of a certain television show featuring a certain super heroine (with a couple of scenes that we would've never seen). Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing some feedback on the video. Possibly, we'll be seeing more GiannaMarieCam in the future as Victory Woman.